Siena Catholic Services


Lindy Meyer

 Welcome and thank you for being here! I am first and foremost a wife and mom. God has blessed me with a beautiful family and a heart for discipleship. I love my Catholic faith! Helping others discover God working in their lives and learning more about their faith is my passion. One of my favorite things to do is witness people's lives change after an encounter with Christ. After two decades of work in various facets of parish and diocesan ministry, God has called me to share my experience and talents for hosting amazing events with others.   


  Years ago, I chose St. Catherine of Siena as my confirmation saint. Now that I have committed my life to ministry, and "setting the world on fire" I realize how appropriate that choice was.  Through Siena Catholic Services I hope to help Catholic speakers, musicians, and artists set the world on fire with Christ's love by connecting them with parishes and organizations across the country. St. Catherine was sent on a bold mission by God to ask the Pope to move back to Rome. What courage and faith that took! Those working in ministry (speaking or planning) must have the same bold courage and complete trust in God as St. Catherine. 


 I've worked in my parish and diocese in the areas of Religious Education, Youth Ministry, Family Life, Respect Life and Child Safety for over twenty years. During that time I've been blessed to work with a number of Catholic speakers. In addition I've worked with teams of amazing volunteers to host a variety of events and trips. Here are a few:

  • Large scale ticketed events
  • Small scale retreats and workshops
  • Diocesan March for Life trip
  • Youth Trips
  • Annual Mother-Daughter Tea
  • Marriage Enrichment Events